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COME to VISIT US in Pharmacy SHOW Birmingham 25-26 September, Hall 4, PB 56
Source:  Time:2016-09-08

No Labs, No waiting is a trend in health industry. JD Biotech just launched a series CareMich test, which a person can easily test at home.

STIs are always on the top of health topics. We had developed unique test to detect common sexual infections: Trichomonas Vaginalis, Candida Albicans (YEAST), Gardnerella Vaginalis Antigen Rapid tests. All urine specimen is possible!! The sensitivities & specificities are > 95%. 

We also provide fertility tests such as Pregnancy test,  Ovulation test and FSH test. Besides, H.pylori Stool Ag & F.O.B test are available to test at HOME too. They are all CE approved.

COME to VISIT US in Pharmacy SHOW Birmingham 25-26 September, Hall 4, PB 56