Prenatal Testings



Intended Use】

The Total Homocysteine Fluorescence Biochemical Assay Kit of JD Biotech is an in vitro diagnostic assay for quantitative determination of total homocysteine ( t HCY) in Plasma or Serum and can be used as reference for diagnosis and treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia.


Brief Introduction

Homocysteine is a normal metabolite of the essential amino acid methionine. Homocysteine levels can be influenced by generic factors or nutritional deficiencies (Folate, B6, B12).

The test is accurate, precise, simple and economic, and can be carried out in a small lab or at a doctor's office. The assay is a kit that is suitable only for in vitro use.

JD Biotech also proposes a reader to offer a complete solution (Item OP-162)